Do you sell online? If so, then you’re already part of the eCommerce revolution….

The Stats

Right now, eCommerce is the fastest growing marketplace for retailers in both North America and Europe, with spending predicted to rise by around 15 per cent during 2016 alone. The US is the world leader in online retailing, with 62 per cent of US consumers conducting purchases online, and spending over $310 online last year.

It’s clear that the marketplace is a fruitful place to be, and that if your business is not yet involved in selling online, you’re almost certainly missing out on sales. Setting up an eCommerce site can be a daunting prospect for any business, but panic not, because I’m here to help.

What is eCommerce exactly?

Types of eCommerce sites

Quite simply, eCommerce is the undertaking of any commercial transaction via the internet. It’s online shopping in every shape and form, from selling clothes on eBay to getting buyers for your latest ebook.

The eCommerce most of us are familiar with is the business to consumer (B2C) market, where customers find our products online and then purchase them right there on the web for us to deliver to their home. Business to business (B2B) happens too, with businesses signing up or selling their services and products to other businesses via the online world.

Less obvious, but still in the mix, are the C2B (consumer to business) marketplace, where buyers post up their needs and then accept bids or proposals for the work to be done. Consumer to consumer (C2C) happens too, with platforms like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist being the most widely recognised mediums.

What makes a good eCommerce site?

Defining eCommerce is not necessarily a simple task, but it’s a fairly easy concept to understand. If your business conducts any transactions online, or would like to, eCommerce is the field into which you are straying.

eCommerce websites are everywhere. From internet only giants like Amazon and eBay to local retailers and popular brands, everyone is vying for position in this highly profitable marketplace. So what sort of things can make an eCommerce website truly amazing, and help it stand out from all the competition out there?

Here are a few things to think about:

The Process


Successful high street brands have always invested in identity. From a memorable logo to the colours and text on their labels, you can’t miss the brand experience when you shop in their bricks and mortar stores. Online retail is really no different, and a great eCommerce site will reflect your brand identity and vision at every step of the process.


Shoppers want a great experience, whether their perusing gadgets in the Apple store or looking online at your website. I’ll help you create a site that naturally flows from one page to the next, and makes it easy for your users to find, select and pay for the items that they want.


Websites need to not just ‘work’ on tablets and smartphones, but to really shine. Around 37.5 million US consumers are expected to make purchases on their mobile devices this year, so your mobile site needs to work just as hard for your business as your desktop site does.


One of the primary reasons for your customers to shop online is convenience. If your pages take too long to load, this will no longer be convenient and you can expect a higher than average rate of abandonment. I’ll help you build an eCommerce store with slick, seamless page transitions and super speedy navigation at standard.

Why choose me for your eCommerce development?

I understand customer behaviour

With years of experience in web marketing and site design, I can help you develop an amazing eCommerce website that will really put you ahead of the competition. I’ll work meticulously to get it working in synchronicity with your business, saving you time, administration and money in the process.

I want to you succeed

I am driven to build something incredible that can grow with your business. I will add presice functionality, so that this investment will serve you well for many years to come. With my fixed price promise, certified qualifications and outstanding track record of success, isn’t it time you teamed up with someone who isn’t just a developer?

I see things from your prospective

As an owner of multiple online businesses, I understand the need for efficiency and performance. Having an online store is simply not enough in the current marketplace. Your online portal must deliver a reliable and enjoyable experience for every visitor.

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