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The Digital Academy SEO course is a search engine optimization course that’s been developed for people with little to no experience in internet marketing. That being said, even those well-versed in digital marketing will find a significant amount of the information useful. The course and SEO video tutorials are split up in a way so that the content can be easily skipped if needed.


Does your website have plenty of traffic but very little sales to show for it? Believe me, there are many businesses just like yours in the same position. I have seen this problem time and time again which is why I am offering this course. My CRO course will provide you with the information and the process to implement in order to optimize your webpages to convert visitors into sales.

What Is The Digital Academy

The Digital Academy has been designed to give you all the skills and knowledge you need to manage your business better in the modern, digital age. From building and managing your own website, to marketing your business, I have designed each and every course based on my own knowledge of what business owners want.

I understand only too well how limited your time can be when you’ve got your own business to run, which is why all the content of our courses is designed to give you useful, practical skills that you can go out and use to your benefit in your business. I won’t waste your time with lengthy, irrelevant presentations; my aim is to get you where you need to be in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.

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In 2017, total digital ad spend will exceed $77.37 billion vs $72.01 billion for television.

Source: eMarketer

Why The Digital Academy Was Created

Across the globe, lives are changing faster than ever before. For the first time in history, economies are not being driven so much by politics or oil prices, but by a new influencer; technology. In this new economic landscape, growth and competitiveness are becoming increasingly driven by the digital economy, which in turn is influencing business creating, jobs and innovation worldwide.

These changes have happened rapidly. Just twenty years ago only 45 million people were able to access the internet; today that number is somewhere around 3 billion. Here in the US, the digital economy contributes around 5.4 per cent to our GDP, and in some nations, such as the UK, it is worth over 12 per cent of their GDP.

Across the biggest four online shopping markets of the US, UK, China and Germany, eCommerce is predicted to grow by $460 million between now and 2018. This will put the value of the online retail market in these four nations alone at an astounding $929 million.

The message is clear: the digital economy is here and now, and unless you’re in it, you’re going to be left behind. This is precisely why I am launching my new Digital Academy, to help business owners and enthusiastic individuals to learn how to keep pace with this ever changing digital world, and to develop the skills and knowledge they need to allow them to effectively manage a business in the 21st century marketplace.

What Courses Will Be Available?

I am busy developing a whole suite of courses, designed to give you the edge when it comes to marketing and managing your business. Some of the topics we are developing include:

Limited Spaces Available

I fully expect the Digital Academy to launch in the very near future, so in the meantime please do sign up for updates so that you can benefit from my courses as soon as they are available. With my help you’ll be able to learn all the skills you need to run, start or join a digital business, or to ensure your own business stays current, competitive and profitable. Sign up now to hear about our courses first.