Here’s How To Sell Over $500.00 Per Day In Physical Products Without Handling A Single Order

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Picture This…

50 Sales Per Day!

All While You Watch The Sales Emails Roll In.


– Outstanding System

– Extremely low product return rate

– Conversion Tested

– World Class Support

What Is The…

Marketplace SuperHeroes System

The New Way To Build A 5 – 7 Figure Income Selling Physical Products Online

The Marketplace SuperHeroes System is the new way to start & scale an international marketplace business from absolute scratch.

We teach sellers how to find, brand, import & sell their own branded physical products across the globe on Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Jet, Sears and so much more.

This system also teaches existing sellers how to at least double their business by expanding their business into over 7 countries.

The power behind this system comes from leveraging the power of online marketplaces and getting instant access to millions of customers — it’s the fastest way to scale.

Online Sales | Ryan Margolin
Global Sales | Ryan Margolin

Hey guys! Ryan here…

Today I want to share with you my story. My story is very similar to most but now in many ways so very different.

The difference? Very simple … I decided to take control.

Two years ago, I was working an enjoyable full time job but I didn’t really have a measurable path to follow in regards to growing a business.  I knew I wanted to start an online venture but I also knew my grit and determination would only get me so far.  With the marketplace so highly competitive, I was killing myself trying to think of “the next big thing” to avoid getting into price wars with competitors who had a much larger budget than I for advertising. Then, along came Stephen…

Stephen and I have been friends for many years and after working together on a few small projects, one day Stephen said something that changed my whole prospective. Stephen said “white label”.

Knowing the principles of white labeling as I previously dealt with this service in my current job, I was intrigued by the process and how this would work actually in the online retail space.

Stephen introduced me to Marketplace Superheroes, a fully functional, analytically developed training course and software package that helps source white label products for resale on any of the platforms available online. Amazon, eBay, Rakuten… all of them!

Little did I know, my next question to Stephen would be one of the most transformational questions I would ever ask. My question….“Where do I sign up?”

Over the coming months, I took a deep dive into the training and software. This process provided me with the understanding of how to not only accurately and effectively source products for manufacturing, but it also taught me how to save literally THOUSANDS of dollars on each shipment that is received.

5 months later, I had my first white label product land into the Amazon fulfilment centre. Since that day, the maintenance required on my account has been ZERO. Amazon handle all of my customer care, ship all orders placed and manage my stock levels for me, notifying me when I am running low. This means I can literally let the sales and packing process handle itself while I get on with my daily life.

The freedom this project has given me cannot be described with words. Well… actually it could, but it would sound way too cheery and overbearing for anyone to really want to listen to!

My advice to you…

If you are considering starting an online business or your own, or want to know how to sell on Amazon, this is the course and software you absolutely must have.

All you need to do is click the button below and enter your details to view the free webinar Stephen and Robert have created as an introduction to the course. No obligation to proceed, no pushy sales people to try to get you to commit. Just an honest and informative course that will help you along every step of the journey.

Who Are The Experts Behind The Process?

Stephen & Robert Have Built Multiple 7 Figure Businesses..

Stephen Somers | Marketplace Superheroes | Ryan Margolin

Stephen Somers

7 Figure Amazon Super-Seller & Co-Founder of Marketplace SuperHeroes

Robert Rickey | Marketplace Superheroes | Ryan Margolin

Robert Rickey

7 Figure Amazon Super-Seller & Co-Founder of Marketplace SuperHeroes

What You Will Learn On The Free Webinar

Secret #1

“Why you don’t need to sell hundreds of products to personally earn at least 6 figures per year with this business”

Secret #2

“Why huge success comes from AVOIDING spending your time generating traffic (the traffic part is actually the easy part)”

Secret #3

“Why you don’t have to run the day to day business or do any Customer Service or individual shipping (yes, even globally)”