Who would You Rather Trust With Your Marketing:

An Experienced Entrepreneur Who Runs Multiple 6, 7, and 8-Figure Companies… Or an Armchair Expert With a Nice Website?

Or Keep Reading to Discover What a Disastrous
Mistake You Could Be Making As We Speak...

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Dear Entrepreneur,

Let’s say you were a basketball player…

Would you like to work with a coach who had actually played pro ball… who had won championships and had ultimate clutch attributes … who knows first hand what you are going through and what you need to do to get to the next level?

Or would you settle for a person who watches the NBA on weekends and maybe plays a few pick up games with amateurs?

It’s an obvious choice, right?

Common sense.

Yet, when it comes to business and marketing, that common sense seems to go out of the window.

So most business owners end up wasting money on…

Consultants, Coaches, Experts, Influencers…
Who’ve Never Got Their Hands Dirty

Trust me, when a guy says:

“I help people scale their business to 7 figures”

In most cases that means:

“I wish I could build a 7-figure business myself”

...But he can’t.

Because he isn’t willing to put in the work, take risks, and go through all the ups and downs that are inevitably waiting.

So he settles for a perfectly clever - and very profitable - Plan B:

Position yourself as an expert… Build a nice website, run some catchy ads… and make those 7 figures by helping others make 7 figures.

Sounds silly, but it works like a charm.

The only problem is…

These Self-Proclaimed Experts
Don’t Have Any Real-World Experience

...and hence can’t give you real, tailored advice.

Now, don’t get me wrong:

They aren’t complete noobies.

They’ve read all the books… They’ve taken all the courses… And they use Google better than you and I ever will.

So more often than not, they will give you decent guidance based off of hot quotes and buzz words.

Just like a basketball coach who’d never played basketball at a professional level can tell you that you can’t dunk because you don’t jump high enough.

He’s not wrong.

Once you find yourself in a unique situation you’ve never been in before… Where there’s a lot at stake and you need a tailored strategy to pull it off…

Their lack of real-world experience will come to the surface. ...

and that one poor piece of advice will set you on a path that it will take years to come back from.
“Just like a good mentor can be your greatest asset, a bad one can burn you more money than any poorly set Facebook campaign ever will.”

Now, You Are Probably Wondering...

Who the Heck Is This Guy Throwing
Shots at the Entire Industry?”

I’m glad you asked.

My name is Ryan Margolin & I’m a serial entrepreneur.

Not a consultant… Not a coach… Not an ‘expert’...

An entrepreneur.
I currently own and run several companies in distribution, wholesale, retail and eCommerce that do between 6 and 8 figures a year EACH.
  • 3 x Inc 500 Honoree for 2019, 2020 & 2021.
  • I’ve been featured in Entreprenuer.com and other publications.
  • I’ve been hosted by TV personalities such as Laurence Fishbourne.
  • ​I received the ClickFunnels 8-Figure Award and Clickfunnels 8-Figure C award.
...in other words, I practice what I preach. For real.

Plus I’m a full-time husband and father of three.
So how do I exponentially grow my businesses year by year… Travel the world with my family… And still have enough free time to write this page and offer to help you with your marketing?

The answer is… I have a secret weapon.

“Occam’s Laser”

You’ve probably heard of Pareto principle “80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

You might’ve even heard of Occam’s Razor “The most likely answer is often the most simple”

But I’m sure you’ve never combined the two.

And that’s the ONLY reason why you are stuck and can’t seem to scale to 7 figure profits and beyond.

See, Occam’s Laser shows that 80% of a business’s success is due to 20% of its effort… And that it’s usually the simplest, easiest actions that create colossal results.
This principle alone is responsible for my success in all these different businesses and it’s helped many of my clients create breakthroughs after being stuck for years.

...unfortunately, most business owners are too close and too caught up in day-to-day operations to see that the solution to their biggest problem is right there in front of their eyes.
Let Me Give You Some Examples…

Stephen Somers - Marketplace Superheroes

"A lot of people just talk about the tactic that they are involved in and that's just not something that you get with Ryan."

Akbar Sheik - 7 Figure Digital Consultant

"Ryan is my go to guy if I want to look next level and super professional. If I want to look the best out there."

Taylor Thompson - The SHE Network

""It was like he walked into my brain, picked it apart and knew exactly what I wanted."

Aman Birdi - Digiroo

"I got Ryan to do the designs for my funnel and the results were incredible. They speak for themselves."

“I GUARANTEE That You Too Are Just a Few Simple Tweaks Away From Scaling to 7 Figures and Beyond… And I Can Help You Identify What Those Tweaks Are”

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There Is Only One Problem...

I don’t work with just anyone.

And I don’t say that just to create a false sense of scarcity.

We will only have the opportunity to work together if I truly believe it makes sense.

That being said…

Book a Call With My Team
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Let’s do it!
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