Flexible Optimization Properties

WordPress allow full control of on-page optimization options which are all controllable from a single admin panel.

Total Content Control

Manage all of your web content without any knowledge of HTML. Create and publish blog posts within a few clicks.

Complete User Control

Customize role capabilities and permissions for unlimited amounts of users while controlling access from any global location.
Wordpress Website Development | Ryan Margolin

WordPress Powers 25% of the Internet

That Is 1 Out of Every 4 Websites

WordPress is one of the leading platforms currently in use online. Many people are not aware of this, but WordPress is not just for blogs! Having a flexible theme and plugin directory at the touch of a click, WordPress can be tailored to fit the needs of essentially any online presence. No matter if you require a simple blog, or a high traffic corporate website, WordPress will fit in with all of your needs.

With over 5 years extensive experience in developing WordPress sites, I guarantee amazing results, with solid aesthetic functionality.

Your website is so much more than your online presence

Why Work With Me?

With my experience in Marketing and my knowledge with WordPress development, you can rest assured that my approach is laser focused and well-versed in the best practices and newest features. This in turn provides solid, measurable, and aesthetically appealing results ensuring complete satisfaction for both you and your visitors.

Ryan Margolin | Mobile Responsive Design

The Process

  • Listen

    Understanding is key to ensuring a successful project. During this phase we will communicate to ensure I gain a complete insight into your industry.

  • Collaborate

    I will then turn these thoughts into ideas by collaborating closely to create a process of UX and UI by which the visitor can be guided through the journey within your site.

  • Web Flow

    Creating a Web Flow is the process of laying out the path of each page that will be created within your site. This part of the process is vital in ensuring that the link between content and pages is correct.

Ryan Margolin | WordPress Development Process
  • Design

    The design process pertains to the creation and layout of each individual page. This process includes best practices of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and also user engagement, reducing bounce rates and helping your web pages rank within the SERP’s.

  • Develop

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  • Dominate

    Once all processes are complete, you will be guaranteed to see a beautiful synergy between marketing and design, gifting your visitors with a complete and enjoyable online experience.

Still unsure why WordPress is the most effective choice?

Have a look below at some of the other features it has to offer!

Wordpress Website Developmen | Ryan Margolin

Outstanding Flexibility

Mobile Responsive

Your site will include complete mobile and tablet responsive features which will ensure that no matter where your site is viewed, it will be served in readable manner.

Social Integration

Your website will also include complete social integration to ensure your clients and visitor can engagement and interact with you or your brand.

Manage Your Website

Manage your website at anytime, from anywhere in the world! WordPress offers unrivaled flexibility when it comes to management and scalability.

Search Engine Friendly

Search Engines love WordPress for it’s simplistic code and flexibility. This will avoid you having to worry about the frequent maintenance issues which can hinder SEO campaigns.
Ryan Margolin | WordPress Website Developement

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